Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3

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Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3 Specifications

Brand Bulbs Philips
Bulb Size HB3
Bulb Type Halogen
Colorful temperature 3500K
Wattage 60 watts

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3 Visibility

The Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 lamp is 150% (1) brighter for excellent night vision and even in harsh weather conditions. Improved filament design and new Diamond Precision Quartz glass technology provide better illumination and beam accuracy.

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3 Service life

A new manufacturing process improves the light transmission of Philips Diamond Precision Quartz Glass and provides superior resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures. A special mixture of inert gases prevents filament wear.

Guarantees additional brightness and lamp life up to 450 hours (450 hours for H7, HB3 types), which is a record for a lamp with such characteristics.

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3 Colorful temperature

Driving at night puts more strain on the driver’s eyes, which can lead to loss of vision and general fatigue. Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 3400K white light (type H7, HB3: 3500K) provides high contrast to help the driver more clearly identify approaching objects. Improved visibility allows drivers to focus longer and makes driving more comfortable and safer.

Philips X-tremeVision Pro150 HB3 Characteristics

Philips high-tech lighting systems have been known around the world for over 100 years. Philips automotive products are designed and developed to exacting standards (including ISO standards) to ensure consistently high quality standards.

The Philips X-TremeVision Pro150 lamp is suitable for major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Technology: Halogen

Type: HB3

Range: X-tremeVision Pro150


  • High beam
  • Low beam
  • Front fog light

Homologation ECE

Designation: HB3 9005 XVP 12V 60W P20d B1

Base: P20d

Electrical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Wattage: 60 W

Light characteristics:

  • Color temperature: 3,500 K
  • Lumens [lm]: 1,860 ±12%

Life time: 450 h

Expected benefits: More light

Product highlight: Up to 150% brighter light
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