Philips WhiteVision ultra H11

Philips WhiteVision ultra H11

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Philips WhiteVision ultra H11 Specifications

Brand Bulbs Philips
Bulb Size H11
Bulb Type Halogen
Colorful temperature 4000K
Wattage 55 watts

Philips WhiteVision ultra H11 White Light

White Vision Ultra Lamps ECE certified car headlights with bright white light. Enjoy the stylish appearance of the lamp and its maximum efficiency, which meets all legal requirements.

Advanced lamps increase brightness and provide high light output. Precise filament geometry, high pressure gas, UV resistant quartz glass. Philips White Vision Ultra headlights set a new standard for white lamps.

Philips WhiteVision ultra H11 Colorful Temperature

With up to 4000K color temperature and white light, Philips WhiteVision Ultra headlights will completely change the look of your car. They look very stylish and spectacular in street lighting.

Using new glass technology, White Vision Ultra lamps provide a very bright light that can be used on public roads.

Philips WhiteVision ultra H11 Visibility

Thanks to new technologies, and effective cooling of white light, White Vision Ultra car headlights have significantly improved night vision and comfort while reducing eye strain.

A longer beam of light and 60% more visibility (compared to the minimum standard) not only allows you to see other users better, but also makes your car more attractive, safer, and more accident-preventing, used on city roads.

Philips WhiteVision ultra H11 Characteristics

Philips lighting systems have been using cutting-edge technology around the world for over 100 years. Cars manufactured by Philips are designed and engineered to high standards (including ISO standards) to ensure high quality standards. White Vision Ultra lamps are installed by major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Technology: Halogen

Type: H11

Range: WhiteVision ultra


  • High beam
  • Low beam
  • Front fog

Homologation ECE

Designation: 12362WVUB1

Base: PGJ19-2

Electrical characteristics

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Wattage: 55 W

Light characteristics

Lumens: 1350 ±10% lm

  • Color temperature: up to 4000 K
  • Lifetime: 300h

Expected benefits: Style

Product highlight: Sharp white look
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