Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4

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Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Specifications

Brand Bulbs Philips
Bulb Size HB3,HB4
Bulb Type LED
Colorful temperature 5800K
Wattage 20 watts

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Light

The new Philips Ultinon Pro9000 headlight gives you unparalleled visibility and illuminates the road 250% brighter and more evenly than the smallest halogen lamps. The optimized spectrum ensures better visibility for road signs. The more you see, the faster you react.

Thanks to the perfect distribution of LED chips in Philips Ultinon Pro5000 lamps, drivers can see where they are on the road without blinding traffic in the opposite direction. Our lamps are also equipped with Philips SafeBeam, which offers a perfectly profiled light beam without glare. Ensure safer driving with Philips Ultinon Pro9000 lamps.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Description

Continuously evolving, the Philips Ultinon Pro9000 has improved performance by using the highest quality Lumileds TopContact LED chips. These unique chips, used in the original components, ensure stable road lighting, generate less heat and provide an optimal color temperature for maximum visibility.

One of the reasons why Lumileds LED chips and Philips headlights are chosen by the most important car manufacturers around the world is that they offer the highest quality components and technology, which ensures unmatched performance and durability.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Color temperature

A balance between practicality and reliability. The Philips Ultinon Pro9000 has a color temperature of up to 5800K, providing the cool white light used in the original equipment for high driving comfort at night.

This reduces eye fatigue and ensures safe and comfortable driving at night.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Performance

When you buy a Philips Ultinon Pro9000 lamp, you get powerful technology in a compact package. We strive for high performance and ease of use, so we’ve created a new one-piece design for the Philips Ultinon Pro9000, making it easy to install in your headlight.

The integrated control module eliminates the complications of mounting in small headlights, and the extremely compact design ensures compatibility with most cars.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Compatibility

LED and halogen lamps differ in power, design and power consumption. However, when you replace a halogen bulb with an LED bulb from another manufacturer, there is a risk of problems such as flickering. Philips Ultinon Pro9000 lamps do not require additional adapters used in most machines to eliminate flicker.

They integrate perfectly into the car’s electrical system and provide a uniform beam of light with constant brightness and color temperature. Philips Ultinon Pro9000 lamps are compatible with 12 and 24 volt electrical systems, making them suitable for most types of vehicles.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Long Service Life

Drivers want not only bright headlights, but also good-looking headlights, and they like to change the bulbs often, because the brighter the light bulb, the shorter its lifespan. This is one of the main disadvantages of conventional headlight bulbs. LED lamps are designed to last longer and provide a higher level of illumination.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED lamps to have an extremely long lifespan. Thanks to innovative technologies such as AirBoost and AirCool heat dissipation systems, these lamps offer a lifespan of up to 5000 hours.

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 HB3, HB4 Characteristics

Philips Ultinon Pro9000 LED lamps are IP65 certified for protection against dust and splashes and comply with EMI (electromagnetic interference) standards for cars. Designed for modern automotive applications, these lamps offer the reliability that today’s drivers demand. Their stable performance and high brightness ensure safe driving on all journeys.

Technology: LED


  • High beam
  • Low beam

Range: Ultinon Pro9000

Homologation ECE: NO

Designation: LED HB3/4 11005 U90CW X2


  • P20d
  • P22d

Type: LED-HL [~HB3/HB4]

Technical features:

  • AirBoost
  • SafeBeam

Electrical characteristics:

  • Voltage [V]: 13.2 V
  • Wattage [W]: 20W

Expected benefits: Bright white light

Product highlight: Automotive Grade LED

Color temperature: 5800K

Lumens [lm]: 1650

Lifetime: 5000 hrs
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