Philips Ultinon Essential H3

Philips Ultinon Essential H3

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Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Specifications

Brand Bulbs Philips
Bulb Size H3
Bulb Type LED
Colorful temperature 6500K
Wattage 19 watts

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 White Light

For a modern look, install Philips Ultinon Essential LED lights. They give off a beautiful white light with a colour temperature up to 6500K, making you stand out in a crowd.

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Efficiency

Optimal performance and unrivaled durability make the Philips Ultinon Essential LED spotlight the most advanced LED solution on the market. Thanks to a dual heat dissipation system with an integrated fan and an anodized aluminum heat sink, these LED lamps dissipate heat more efficiently. They operate at maximum brightness for long periods.

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Сonnection

The new Philips Ultinon Essential LED features a built-in electronic control unit, so it doesn’t blend in with the headlight housing. Experience the ease of wiring – with this cover you can easily remove the central ring from the top, without having to unscrew it.

The compact design of the Philips Ultinon Essential LED lamp makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and easy to install for professionals.

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Visibility

A smooth and precise beam delivers better visibility. Thanks to the precise optical design of Philips Ultinon Essential LED lamps, the light is precisely directed to the right place on the road. Not only will you spot obstacles quicker and drive safer, but you won’t dazzle other drivers, making your driving safer. To ensure accurate high beam operation the bulb must be securely fastened in the headlamp. Thanks to the adjustable fixing rings you can adjust the lamp perfectly for optimum illumination and increased safety on the road.

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Compatibility

Philips Ultinon Essential LED lamps are ideal for a wide range of automotive applications and are compatible with both 12 and 24V electrical systems. For more information, please contact our official partners or our contact center.

Automotive H3 headlight bulbs have different mounting options, so there can be problems when fitting LED bulbs, but this does not apply to Philips Ultinon Essential LED bulbs. Philips’ optional mounting rings allow them to fit a wide range of vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility when buying the bulbs.

Philips Ultinon Essential H3 Characteristics

With over 100 years of experience in automotive lighting, we know that Philips automotive products are designed and developed to the most stringent quality control procedures (including applicable ISO standards) and manufacturing standards.

Technology: LED

Application: Headlight

Range: Ultinon Essential

Type: H3 LED

Designation: Headlight

Expected benefits: Stylish white light

Product highlight: Up to 6,500K white light

Color temperature: 6,500K
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