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On our site, we will tell you how to choose auto headlight bulbs. When choosing lamps for the car need to consider the brightness of the lamp, the value of luminous flux, color temperature, as well as lamp life.

What are the most popular bulbs on the market?

We recommend buying bulbs for cars of popular brands: Osram, Philips, Hikari.

Types of how to choose headlight bulbs

To begin with, you should pay attention to the varieties of these products. It is this approach that will help to understand what kind of bulbs to put in headlights. The main varieties of headlight bulbs include:
  • halogen bulbs;
  • xenon lamps;
  • laser lamps;
  • LED headlamps.

Halogen bulbs

If you're wondering which bulbs are best for cars, consider halogen options. This is one of the most common types of headlights. In principle, this light resembles ordinary incandescent bulbs, with the difference that they are much more efficient. The appearance is similar to the classic light sources. Halogen lamp consists of a bulb, electrodes and filaments made of halogen or tungsten. A special inert gas is placed inside, which has a higher luminous flux and increases the duration of use of the headlight. This helps solve the question of how to choose bulbs for headlights. The main advantages of halogen bulbs should include:
  1. low cost;
  2. the simplicity of design;
  3. safety.
To find out how to choose a bulb for the car, you should not forget about the disadvantages. In the case of halogen bulbs, these are:
  • low service life;
  • weak luminous flux;
low-efficiency level (filament incandescence is a very energy-consuming process).

LED bulbs

To learn how to choose a bulb in a headlight, you do not need to ignore LED bulbs. For modern cars, LED headlights are a very popular option. They provide a strong light output and are energy efficient at the same time. What is the best light for a car? The main advantages of LED lamps include:
  • long service life;
  • an incredibly high level of energy efficiency;
  • Strong luminous flux (if you are wondering what kind of light to put on a car, LED lamps are much more powerful than xenon and halogen);
  • beautiful appearance;
  • Uniform luminous flux (the owner of the car will not have to install a corrector).
  • Despite the abundance of advantages, LED models also have certain disadvantages, without which you will not know which lamps to choose for the car. These should include:
  • high cost;
The fact that the amount of luminous flux depends on the number of LEDs.
The last disadvantage particularly stands out. Some manufacturers devote more time to design than efficiency. As a result, the number of LEDs in the design decreases, resulting in less efficiency. Knowing this aspect will definitely help you if you want to understand which bulbs are better to put in headlights. Another disadvantage of LED bulbs is that they are not suitable for all car models. If the design of the car does not provide for the installation of this type of headlight, then you will not be able to change this fact.

Xenon bulbs

The question of what is the best to buy bulbs in the headlights can not be solved without getting acquainted with xenon headlights. This is one of the most modern options, which works on innovative technology. The spectrum of luminous flux of xenon headlamps resembles daylight. This significantly improves the perception of human vision at night. Xenon headlight bulbs have such advantages:
  • long service life;
  • no heating - useful in foggy weather, because the glass can crack from the sharp temperature drop;
  • since the temperature does not rise during operation, xenon headlight bulbs for cars are less dirty.
  • However, even such a product is not without disadvantages:
  • high cost;
  • blowing out one headlight makes it necessary to change the set;
  • regular switching of the high beam reduces the life of the product.
Therefore, if you want to know what bulbs to put in the dipped beam, xenon for this purpose is excellent. However, for the high beam, it is better to choose another option.

Laser bulbs

For those who are looking for an answer to the question, which car lamps shine better, there is a special product option, namely - laser lamps. This new technology appeared only 10 years ago, but for such a short period of time headlights on laser technology have become very popular among motorists.
The working principle is to create light beams of equal length and phase difference. Thus the light beam becomes 1000 times stronger than that of an LED lamp. The color of the laser light is blue, so the light stream passes through a special coating that scatters the rays and changes it to white. Laser lamps have given an unambiguous answer to the question of which light is better for the car. They have the following advantages:
  • The luminous flux that a halogen or LED alternative can't match;
  • The light from a laser lamp does not cause eye fatigue in the driver;
  • Higher intensity of luminous flux; the beam from a laser headlamp reaches a length of up to 600 meters;
  • Such lamps do not dazzle drivers who pass on the road;
  • Energy efficiency - lasers consume several times less energy than halogen headlights;
  • small size.
Despite these advantages, which close the question of how to choose bulbs for the car, laser headlights have several disadvantages. These should include:
  • The cost of the products;
  • The need for regular maintenance and adjustment.

Which bulbs are better for the car

The text above specifies all the factors that allow you to choose good bulbs in headlights. However, there are a few additional points that you should familiarize yourself with. Only in this way can you provide the best light for the car.
Type of socket. Before you buy, find out what type of socket you need for your car. They come in formats from H1 to H11.
Blown bulb. If one headlight burned out, it is better to change both at once. You should understand that the intensity of light in the new and the old lamp will be different, which will reduce the safety of the driver and passengers.   Power. It is not necessary to buy more powerful headlights for the car. Beforehand, find out how to choose car bulbs for your model. A higher wattage can cause problems with the car's electrical wiring.   Light temperature. What kind of headlight is better? This question is also of interest to many drivers who are in search of a headlight option. Comfortable for the eyes is the temperature of light 4000-6500 K. But this option is ineffective in a fog. Therefore, for fog lights, it is better to choose models with a temperature of about 3000 K.   As you can see, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of what bulbs for dipped beams are better. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so buy products based solely on your own needs.
Żarówki H1 (halogenowe, LED, ksenonowe)
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