Philips X-treme Vision H7

Philips X-treme Vision H7

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Philips X-treme Vision H7 Specifications

Brand Bulbs Philips
Bulb Size H7
Bulb Type Halogen
Colorful temperature 3500K
Wattage 55 watts

Philips X-treme Vision H7 Light

With increased brightness and color temperature, Philips X-tremeVision lamps offer the best performance of halogen lamps. Their properties are increased by 130% due to the brightness of the light and long service life.

With the best and most precise filament placement, high pressure gas up to 13 bar, a special jacket, and quartz glass UV transmission, Philips X-Treme Vision lamps herald a new era in automotive lighting. It is designed to provide perfect visibility and unwavering quality.

Philips X-treme Vision H7 Life time

Philips X vibrating lamps with up to 450 hours of life are the highest among competitors (tested on standard 13.2V H4 and H7 models).

Philips X-treme Vision H7 Colorful temperature

By increasing the color temperature of Philips X tremeVision lights (H1, H4, and H7), you can focus more at a distance and contrast at a distance. Excitement at night becomes much more comfortable and safer.

Philips X-treme Vision H7 Visibility

Perfect lighting is especially important at a distance: the car should usually be visible at a distance of 75 to 100 meters. With Philips X-TremeVision headlights, you can increase your car’s visibility by up to 45 meters, giving you 2 more seconds to drive.

Philips X tremeVision car headlights improve visibility on the road with 130% more light. You will be able to identify potential obstacles or dangers in advance (compare the capabilities of halogen heads).

Philips X-treme Vision H7 Characteristics

Philips X tremeVision is the safest, most efficient, and most comfortable headlamp for easy use on the go. Fully certified according to ECE standards.

Technology: Halogen

Type: H7

Range: X-tremeVision


  • High beam
  • Low beam

Homologation ECE

Base: PX26d

Electrical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Wattage: 55 W

Light characteristics:

  • Lumens: 1500 ±10% lm
  • Color temperature: 3500K

Life time: 450h

Expected benefits: More light

Product highlight: Up to 130% more brightness
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